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Gray May Day 1: For our Members

We're putting this album out in gratitude to our members: Thank you for joining our subscription adventure in these crazy times. You gave us our cancelled tours back— and that audience communion we crave—  in the form of our weekly livestream. You gave us time, resources, and a reason to release new compositions, recordings, and concert videos. You were our 2020 silver-lining, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2021.

But first, we want to thank you not only in words through the internet but also with music…sent through the actual mail. We’re releasing Gray May Day 1, a members-only EP on compact disc. If you are a member you will have received an email asking for your shipping address (if you haven't, please email us!) and that's all you have to do. If you're not a member you can still join for as little as $1/month and get Gray May Day 1 free, for a limited time only. (Shipping is free too, within the U.S.). Plus you'll get access to our ever-growing members-only archive.

We recorded Gray May Day 1 pre-COVID with our dream band: Clipper Anderson on bass and Mark Ivester on drums. We scheduled the session right in the middle of a tour, hoping to bring some of that live vitality to the studio— I remember being proudly and gleefully exhausted that we were playing so much and seeing so much of the country. We’d just played Seattle’s Earshot Jazz Fest with Clipper and were so thrilled with the trio’s vibe that we added several tracks to the session that we’d already recorded years ago as a duo— She Run Away and Taste of Honey. Seattle was stunning— scarlet leaves, blue water, white mountains, and sunshine that gets almost sentimental when you know the rainy season looms ahead. By the time we got to David Lange Studios— a wonderfully equipped and expertly run studio deep in a forest south of Seattle—  it was in fact raining in earnest. Cozy vibes abounded. I’m glad we’re releasing this around the same time of year.

Because of all the touring it took us over a year to return to these tracks, but eventually we scheduled another tour break in Nashville, where our great friend Pat Sansone lent his fabulous ears, mad studio skills, and tremendously sensitive midwifery to the project. Then the tracks went off to Nomatic Studio in Asheville, where Michael Hynes mastered it with the same subtly and artfulness of his work on our Ocean of Birds

In short, we very much hope you enjoy this album, and can’t wait to bring you more. 

From our hearts, 



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