Outreach and workshops

Want to attend a Max Hatt / Edda Glass workshop or an outreach performance? Contact your local performing arts center, theater, university, school, or music store and ask them them to sponsor a Max Hatt / Edda Glass concert and workshop. Grants are available, including WESTAF's IMTour grant, available exclusively for pre-approved artists like Max Hatt / Edda Glass. 


Every community has music lovers that may not be able to easily get to a Max Hatt / Edda Glass concert at the nearest performing arts center. Max Hatt / Edda Glass participate in outreach programs that bring music to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and underserved communities. Contact your local arts council or performing arts center and ask them to bring in Max Hatt / Edda Glass for a concert and outreach performance. Grants are available!

Songwriting and Performance Workshop

How can I hit that high note? How do I get out of a writing rut? Max and Edda lead a group discussion and workshop about performance, songwriting, and recording. Participants are invited to perform a song, share a recording, request feedback, ask a question, or simply share their own experience about the creative process. For original songs with lyrics, please bring several printed lyric sheets so we can understand every word!

Songwriting Workshop

Max and Edda walk through their particular songwriting process and then open the floor for participants to share their own songs and discuss the creative process. Songwriters can accompany themselves, bring an accompanist, use a prerecorded backing track, or share a complete recording. For songs with lyrics, please bring several printed lyric sheets. Piano availability TBA. 1-2 hrs.

Performance and Interpretation Workshop

Max and Edda perform a few of their more adventurous interpretations (e.g. a folk version of Coltrane's Giant Steps) and talk about how they evolved initially and over the course of many performances. Participants are then invited to perform songs from their own repertoire for optional feedback and general discussion. Performers can accompany themselves, bring an accompanist, or use prerecorded music. Piano availability TBA. 1-2 hrs.

Tech Requirements

(Information for presenting organizations)

  • stereo system with CD player and standard 1/8" jack input and cord (for MP3 players etc.)
  • small PA with mic
  • music stand
  • a keyboard or piano (only if needed by participants.)


Crown of the Continent Songwriting Workshop with guest artists Madeleine Peyroux and Brett Dennen, lead by Bret Boyer with intern Edda Glass.

Edda Glass at Crown of the Continent Guitar Workshop and Festival with participant Jorren Gies and guest artist Brett Dennen.