1. Crossing Over


There's a train— pulls off near Glendive
Just passing thru, but it waits for awhile
Travelers are known to stretch their legs
Take a turn round the frozen lake
And the snow will hang in the bright blue air
Won't you please layover? Please— Please lay over now.

So they say, the river takes away
bit by bit the ground on which we sit
And I know there's no stopping it
Though it slows as the ice grows thick
And if I could prove that it was frozen thru
Would you cross on over? Please— Cross on over now.

When I was young, I woke on a winter's night
A thousand geese they were crying out
I've since learned they get confused by light
They circle towns but they can’t come down
And if i turned on a lamp in every room
Would you fly on over? Fly— Fly on over now.